Our story - from the box to the kitchen.

Our company can look back on an impressive history. As the name KISTAG suggests, it all began in 1939 with the construction of simple wooden crates. Only a short time later, however, new products that were in demand locally were already being manufactured.

Through constant modernisation and investment, we have grown to become one of Switzerland's leading partners in the field of customised, innovative and intelligent wooden packaging systems as well as sophisticated and creative interior solutions. Our innovative spirit knows no bounds and our claim is and remains that only high-quality products deliver measurable added value to our customers, which qualifies us as a partner.

Foundation of the Kistag

In 1939, the company is founded in Schüpfheim under the name Kistenfabrik Schüpfheim AG.


The beginnings of the product range

At the beginning of the company's existence, simple boxes and crates were produced. Depending on the situation, new products are also produced which are in demand locally.


Expansion of production capacity

In the years that followed, the company was able to record a strong increase in new customers and, as a consequence, expanded its production capacity.


Modernisation of production

In the 1960s, KISTAG modernises its production and acquires new machines. Pallets for industry are also increasingly produced.


Integration WICO/KISTAG factory

In order to make better use of resources, the formerly separate plants are merged.


New production hall

Due to the increased capacity utilisation, a new production hall is built and opened at the end of 2016.


New construction of operating offices

The production management is getting a new company building with the latest IT infrastructure. The building is made of wood to match Kistag's DNA and also offers a large meeting and training room.


Total renovation of the Show Room

The Kistag exhibition will be completely renewed. In addition, all employees will receive individual offices